Who we Are

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Who We Are?

Our University educated team have honed their skills and techniques over many years working for installers and manufactures alike. Our extensive background within the C.I. industry allows us to provide the very best possible service.

As a company we believe in allowing anyone who works for us to better themselves through training programs in technologies that benefit our industry as such we are constantly re-investing in our staff through further training and accreditations, developing new concepts which push the boundaries of what is achievable with today’s technology and yet we still deliver reliable solutions.

Who Do We Work For?

Over the years we have worked directly with Custom Installers and Private Clients both in the UK and Europe, even other programming companies have secured our services as they all recognises the value Kustomworks brings to their companies.

From programming, System Design or Project Management Kustomworks has the necessary experience and Skill to assist with your project.

What Services Can We Provide?

Kustomworks provides the custom install (C.I.) industry with services which are designed to complement and enhance the service that they already provide and assist them in growing their business.

Our Engineers are skilled in numerous different technologies and have honed their skills over the last 10 years within the C.I. Industry.

Our engineers can design a system from the ground up to any scale, they can diagnose faults within existing systems or find a technological solution to a problem you may have.

Maybe you require a custom module for a bespoke piece of equipment. Or perhaps that touchpanel is looking a little 70’s retro and you need some Custom Graphics which are tailored to suit each client’s décor.

No matter the task you will find Kustomworks engineers are more than capable of exceeding your expectations each and everytime.

Our services include:
  • Programming
  • BeSpoke Graphic Design
  • Crestron CSP Certified Master Programmer Silver
  • Crestron DMC E Certified
  • Crestron DMC D Certified
  • System Diagnostics
  • Energy Saving Consultants
  • System Design & consultancy services
  • I.T. System Design & consultancy services
  • VoIP Telephony systems
  • Network Wired/Wirless systems
  • Broadband Solutions
  • Technical support services
More Services

Our team is comprised of time served engineers, innovators, and specialists whose goals are to provide the latest products and services to ensure that our company delivers simple and hassle free solutions.

Meet the Team

Iain K Poole

Iain K Poole B.Sc.

Manging Director / Lead Developer

Iain is the Managing Director of Kustomworks ltd and is the company’s lead developer.

Over his career Iain has worked for some of the most prestigious and well known installers and manufactures in the field today. He brings a fanatical ‘customer first’ attitude to everything that he does.

Over the years he has been commissioned to programming and design Automation systems in some of the grandest super yachts and houses around the world, from Gleneagles in Scotland to Monaco, no matter the location Iain’s can do attitude is what keeps people coming back to Kustomworks time and time again.

Michelle L Poole

Michelle L Poole

Operations / Accounts

Michelle keeps the companies day to day operations flowing smoothly. She is a meticulous and highly focused individual, who continuously keeps the companies roots firmly grounded so Kustomworks can continue to grow as a company, ensuring we continue to expand into new markets with new and exciting projects and clients.

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Graphics Guru and 3D Master

Mark is our Graphics Guru and is an invaluable addition to the team.

Mark is highly creative whose attention to detail on every project he works on is second to none and his skill set is without question.

His skills are wide ranging and they cover numerous graphical disciplines, including 3D Modelling, rendering and animation, digital image manipulation and completely original artwork.