Christmas Closure dates – our offices will be closed from the 23rd of December to the 6th of January 2014.

Again I would like to thank everyone for their support for what has been a difficult year.

We are approaching the New Year with a positive outlook, and are looking forward to working on the numerous new projects Planned with our dealers in 2014.
Be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and twitter for some exciting “stuff” in 2014

All the best – Iain

We had been recently commissioned to provide a Bespoke Icons for a client who had a very particular brief, what was requested is as follows :

We would like to create a set of Icons that have a British theme, this will be used in traditional home which dates back to the 1800’s, and we require the Graphics to be in keeping with the property’s rustic aesthetic.

Mark our in house 3D Guru instantly sprung to life and started creating what you see below, which we feel carries a traditional “British” theme do they not.

Do you have an idea you would like to discuss for an Icon set for your company, we are only more than happy to help, and you can be certain that when we create your icon set it will be one of a kind.

For details of how to by this set and also to discuss your own project please get in touch with Iain and we can discuss your idea further.



As some people may know, Iain was the Technical “goto” guy in the UK for Kaleidescape for nearly 3 years, before he decided to re-start Kustomworks Ltd again, due to such high demand from our clients we have decided to become Kaleidescape dealers to strengthen the support we can give our clients.

Kaleidescape is in a class of its own, been the only product that provides and “Experience” like no other.

If movies are your passion then you haven’t watched a movie until you have watched it using a Kaleidescape.

Imagine all of your favourite movies at your fingertips. Imagine breath-taking audio and video fidelity. Imagine the lights dimming automatically and your movie playing instantly without the distraction of previews, menus or ads.

You are just beginning to imagine the Kaleidescape Experience.

We are well versed with the Kaleidescape product, and we have pushed the boundaries of the Kaleidescape product for the last 7 years, we have installed countless systems in varied locations all over the globe, you can rest assured that Kustomworks have the technical expertise to install, program and support Kaleidescape installations in any location.

If you would like more information, or a demonstration of the Kaleidescape system, please get in touch and one of our sales people will be in touch with you.

Kustomworks ltd is proud to present our new 3D rendering service for 2013.

No matter the challenge Kustomworks Ltd will rise to the occasion, our designers are here to support and allow your business to grow by providing services which complement your products or push your brand above the competition.

  • Product Design – We can produce sharp high end photorealistic visualisation, at any stage of the project.
  • Product and Advertisement Imagery – From cosmetics to household products, we can prepare photorealistic CGI images of consumer products for web and print.
  • Architectural Visualisation – From architectural drawings or CAD files exterior and interior photorealistic visualisation can be produced from a small single residence to a large multi-storey commercial development.
  • Interior Design – Interior visualisations can be created and decorated in traditional or contemporary designs; whatever your needs or tastes with associated furnishings to show off the full potential of the space whether it’s a lounge, bathroom or office environment.

If you can imagine if our designers can create it no matter the challenge kustomworks are here to help, contact us today via our website for further information.

For the Full Experience, be sure to watch this video in HD of click here to watch it on Vimeo

Kustomworks 3D Render Service 2013 Promo Video.mp4 from KustomworksLtd on Vimeo.

Here is a short video of our 3D custom GUI in operation. This is not connected to a live system so not all the fields are populated as this is a mutli-processor system. We will create a new video with all the features of this impressive system over the coming months.

Hope you all enjoy it

Kustomworks UpdateWell nothing is better than a change, and we felt the old site, needed a bit of a sprucing up, a spring clean out with the old and in with the new.

Here at Kustomworks HQ we have been hard at work developing our new website, which is now CMS based design using WordPress, it is now easier for us to add content and keep our website up to date with both Company news and our projects (the ones we can talk about).

As well as adding new features, we have also expanded the We thought we would also had a host of new features to add value to our business, and I thought I would take a little time to explain how things will be changing @

New Services available 2013:

1: Loxone – Hardware and Software services Kustomworks recognised how Loxone can benefit our customers and has such we have invested in the training, we are currently a Silver level Loxone integration Expert. We are available to design a system from the ground up or support existing Loxone dealers with more advanced setups.

2. KNX – We are well on the way to becoming a Certified KNX Partner, have already support numerous KNX projects we have found some of the knowledge we have is enhancing what others provide to this end we have decided to invest in KNX training and become certified, when fully qualified we will be offering KNX programming services to all our clients old and new.

3. 3D Visualisation – Another new and polished string to our bow is we are now working with Mark Thomas, a talented Graphic Designer who we have known for years. Marks 3D talents are legendary and bring a whole new façade to the Kustomworks Ltd brand.

New Website Features:

  • Online Project Submission form
  • CMS Framework – Built in wordpress
  • Custom Portfolio

New Social Links:

  • Facebook – Yes I know against all my principles I have succumb to the beast that is Facebook and embraced it as a marketing tool.
  • Twitter – we are still there but not as vocal – we will be hiring a Social Guru to get Kustomworks Ltd more Social.
  • Linkedin – we have been on Linkedin for the last 7 years and still going strong and value what linkedin stands for.
  • Flicker – here we share the pictures we can of the work we have completed.
  • YouTube – Yes we will be hosting more videos online with You Tube, covering Graphics Systems we have designed and anything else we deem as “cool”.

Created in 2001, the CSP program has more than 500 members across the globe in more than 200 companies and has evolved from an assemblage of programming professionals into a front line force of Crestron’s brand.
CSPs are expanding their services beyond programming and creating software solutions for end users, managing customer projects and becoming valuable consultants to end-users.

The title of Crestron Services Provider is more than just a label. Having earned his or her stripes through intensive training and real-world experience, a Crestron Services Provider offers a much higher level of expertise and familiarity with Crestron than other independents

As part of Crestron’s award-winning True Blue Support team, those independent programmers we’ve certified are part of our extended family, and receive a level of support equal to any member of the Crestron True Blue team.

Please note that Crestron software and advanced support are only available to Crestron authorized dealers and partners.