New Project Request

Before we quote on large projects we like to understand what our client is intending to achieve. To this end and in order for us to provide the very best possible service we have created a “New project Submission form”.

This form is available as a download by clicking here , or you can fill this out online and submit to our team.

if you have any questions or are unsure about any aspects of this form please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Regards the Kustomworks Team.


Company Information

Please enter all company details here

Company Name

Contact Name

Telephone Number

Postal Address

City / Town


Post/Zip Code

Project Information

Project reference for correspondence

Address of Project

City / Town


Post/Zip Code


Maximum size 10MB

Please indicate the files you have uploaded

System Questions : For End user/Dealer
Control System

Please expand on Control systems to be used

Specify Number of Processors.

Crestron / AMX etc.

CP3 / AV2 etc.

Name : Kitchen - Audio/Video/HVAC etc.

Interface Type

i.e. 1). TPMC-3x (2)-(Kitchen, Lounge) -- 2). iPAD (3)-(Roaming) etc. -- 3). Crestron Keypad.

Operational Modes

Room Assignment/ Operational Definition/ Notes - Maximum size 2MB


Please expand on Heating / Lighting / Security systems

Controlled Device List

Please list all devices as Follows: 1) DVD (Panasonic) - IR Control - Port A - CP2E - Central Rack 2) TV (Samsung) - IR Control - Port A - DM-RMC - Local Room. Please list any other relevant information.


Maximum size 2MB

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