Crestron DMC-E

 To further support our clients in this ever changing digital age Kustomworks Ltd has invested in advanced training for our engineers.

This specialist training has shown our engineers how to correctly install, configure and program a Crestron Digital Media .

This system could be any size or combination of equipment and using any one of the various cabling infrastructures that crestron currently supports thus ensuring our dealers a reliable install which is backed up by Crestron.

As such we are very pleased to annouce we have two UK based engineers that have achieved this industry recognised qualification of DMC-D (Crestron Digital Media Certified Designer) and DMC-E (Crestron Digital Media Certified Engineer).

What is Crestron digital Media

Crestron DigitalMedia was developed to meet the challenges of the digital era. Introduced in 2009, Crestron DM is rapidly becoming an industry standard. There are already more than 4,100 successful installations in luxury homes and prestigious organizations such as Microsoft, Ogilvy & Mather and the Vancouver Winter Olympics Complex.

Now, Crestron is providing the definitive design, installation and commissioning specification to guarantee the reliable performance of DigitalMedia systems. The new specification establishes an industry standard, and the DM Certification program ensures that AV professionals are fully educated and adhere to the standard. This sets a high benchmark for digital AV systems and gives clients the confidence that our industry remains a trusted and valued technology resource.

The HD-DTDS Specification

The HD Digital Transport and Distribution System (HD-DTDS) specification is a comprehensive roadmap that clearly defines the critical aspects of system design and installation that must be followed to assure reliable system performance. Crestron guarantees and fully supports any DM system installation that conforms to the HD-DTDS standards.

A Kustomworks DM Certified Designer understands the fundamental differences between analog and digital systems and the unique design considerations needed to ensure reliable operation

A Kustomworks DM certified engineer demonstrate proficiency in system setup, diagnostics, testing and reporting. Only a DMC-E is equipped to fully execute and support a DM project.


HD Digital Transport and Distribution System Specification (PDF – 3.2M)
Specifiers who use this DM HD-DTDS specification guarantee their customers that the design will be finalized by a ControlFuse DMC-E, ensuring proper system installation, configuration of HDCP, video, resolution management, cabling and cabling distance.


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