What is Programming?

If you have a control system programming is what makes that fancy Button on your touchpanel or iPad do a multitude of tasks and controls various devices simultaneously. It allows users to interact with their digital environments with ease.

To put it simply it makes the complicated Simple.

At Kustomworks our programmers are fluent in several different programming languages, and as such we can always get the very best out of your system. Combined this with our industry knowledge and our graphic design and you get a user interface which can be operated with ease by any age of user.


Our full Programming service from initial conception to delivery

  • Control Systems Design
  • Control System Programming
  • Control System Commissioning
  • Custom Module design and Implementation
  • Bespoke User Interface Design

If you are currently working in the C.I. Industry as a Service Provider or maybe you are a End user who just like your system given an objective once over, Kustomworks can help with rates to suit all budgets.

Involving Kustomworks Early can save time and money

The best way to maximise our service (and save you money) to you is get us involved as early as possible, the design stage is probably best, this is when our services are the most effective we can advise which devices work best avoiding potential pitfalls.

From Televisions to Heating systems we have worked with numerous different devices and as such have a great insight into which product worked best in a given scenario.

Do remember there are not many devices that we cannot control but it always best to get in touch with us first and make sure we have controlled it and do we have a module already in our library

Accredited Crestron Service Provider

The title of Crestron Services Provider is more than just a label. Having earned his or her stripes through intensive training and real-world experience, a Crestron Services Provider (CSP) offers a much higher level of expertise and familiarity with Crestron than other independents.

Kustomworks Ltd have two qualified Crestron Services Provider on staff. One of these is a Silver Level Master Programmer.

As part of Crestron’s award-winning True Blue Support team, only those independent programmers that Crestron has certified are part of Crestrons extended family, and receive a level of support equal to any member of the Crestron True Blue team.

Rest assured when you engage our services you are hiring a company who have worked on numerous projects all over the world in a variety on environments covering all sectors, Commercial, Residential and Marine.

Custom Crestron Modules

Do you have a product that is new to the C.I. (Custom Install) Market? Or maybe you wish to move your product into the C.I. industry. Kustomworks can help.

Our Research has shown that a lot of dealers will make decisions on products based on whether or not it can be integrated into a control system with ease, having a module readily available will help increase sales of your product.Remember not every company has a programmer on staff at our level.

Perhaps you already have a product with a module but you find that it needs a few things modifying, and the company you dealt with are no longer trading.

Over the years we have created various Crestron modules on behalf of hardware manufacturers, from the simplest to more advance modules.

If you would like more information please contact us and allow us to provide you a quote.

Custom Creative Crestron Touchpanel designs

Here at Kustomworks we have long standing reputation in the C.I. industry for providing stunning user interfaces which are easy to use and look stunning.

One of our options is along with our standard User interfaces, is allowing our designers to create you a be-spoke, yet simple to operate Graphical User Interface (G.U.I), allowing each project to be tailored to your client’s exact specifications.

Over the years we have found that been a great programmer does not necessarily mean you are able to design a great user interface, these are two very distinct skill sets and sometimes we see user interfaces which have been clearly designed by an “engineer” while not wrong they may not be the easiest of interfaces to navigate.

When you couple our amazing user interfaces with our first rate Crestron programming you end up with finished product which is second to none.

Please have a look at our Portfolio to see some examples of our work.