Diagnostics is defined a program or routine that helps a user to identify errors, and confirm if a device or system is operating within specified tolerances.

A Smart home encompasses whole host of devices from different manufactures, and in most case they are communicating using a variety of topologies.

What this means is support for a particular problem will stop when a manufacture hits a specific point on their troubleshooting chart for a device, i.e. when they link to another system.

At this point you will get the famous line “well our equipment is working fine”. Yet you still have a problem in the system.

This is when Kustomworks can help as we provide a one stop shop for all your fault finding when you are faced with a variety of devices and scenarios and you do not know who to turn too.

This capability is mainly due to our extensive background in Electronics Engineering and Programming, Kustomworks Lead Programmer and Director Iain, had to develop tried and tested methodologies for efficient fault finding which more than often included a complex system comprised of various components. He discovered that these skills that have been honed over many years now provide our team with an advantage when looking at a system as a whole; we can identify potential flaws and narrow down testing to those areas.

Over the years we have formed close ties to numerous key manufactures, which while not limited to include Crestron, AMX, KNX and Kaleidescape as such this allows us to keep abreast of all current changes and techniques. These relationships allow our engineers to quickly identify potential issues that can occur in modern homes and as such quickly resolve these issues.