Graphic Design G.U.I.

Here at Kustomworks we believe in creating truly amazing custom user interfaces which will enrich the users experience of the system.

As with any complex system the operating interface should be simple and intuitive yet still contain a host of useful information and functions without confusing or instilling fear in a user.

A user cannot operate a system if they do not understand a system. We have seen numerous systems which do not accommodate the situation they are installed into, they don’t consider who will be using the system.

A user should be able to operate a control system regardless of their native language to this end Kustomworks can provide multi-lingual interfaces which will ‘auto’ translate into almost any language Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and German as well as many other languages in real time, allowing guests, small children or elderly users to operate the system with confidence.

Please have a look at our Portfolio to see some examples of our work.