System Architecture

Systems Architecture is the conceptual design that defines how the various different Systems defined with a smart home interact with each other using varying topologies.

The conceptual design will provide visual aids to show how the systems should be interconnected; it will detail the sundries and equipment which will be required in order to provide a project costing for the client.

The benefits of a full system design is it can be provided to third parties in order to secure fixed price quotations for their interaction within the smart home.

Fusing all these elements together will allow the creation of project “milestones” in order to track the project and purchase equipment when required.


Kustomworks can provide a complete Systems Architecture design based on the projects requirements.

Our hand over will include various documentation some of which are listed below.

  • Interconnect  Specification
  • Equipment Specification
  • RS-232 and IR Port Allocation
  • Hardware Rack Layout for Heat Dissipation
  • Intersystem connectivity – Provided as both Visual Drawings and Excel Reference sheets
  • Lighting load sheets
  • IP Schedule and associated network documentation (if commissioned)