System commissioning

System commissioning is the final step in the system installation. Our commissioning procedure includes a visual and functional test to ensure that:

The system is installed in accordance with the agreed system specification, the system conforms to the agreed functional specification. The standard of workmanship is high and finally that the requirements of our Code of Practices are met. The end result is that the rate of false alarms is low.

Our commissioning procedure includes checking of

  • Wiring, terminations
  • Audio tests.
  • Video tests.
  • Network infrastructure.

Once we are satisfied that all system aspects have been tested and are working correctly, the installation will be handed over to the client.


We will demonstrate to you that all aspects of the system are working in order to confirm that the performance of the system meets your requirements. We will train the people that will be using the system and provide you with:

  • A user manual.
  • System management checklist.
  • System documentation, including detailing system settings, usernames, passwords etc.
  • Our direct contact details for ongoing support.
  • Once everything has been completed to the clients satisfaction, the handover of the system will be confirmed by your signature of our Acceptance Certificate.